Welcome to Wild Earth Creative Education…

Wild Earth Creative Education is a leading provider of outdoor learning.

We are able to offer participants tailored experiences incorporating a range of activities such as ‘wild’ art and design, bushcraft and survival skills. Our innovative programmes are designed to develop a wide variety of skills such as leadership, team work and communication.

Wild Earth Creative Education promotes a healthy and happy mind and body through creative learning. There is growing evidence that being in touch with nature, and experiencing the outdoors, is essential for the well being of all ages.

For young people in an age of rapid technological advancement, it is also an opportunity to ‘rewild’ -appreciate the environment around them, reconnect with the natural world, and experience the freedom of creating without being measured or judged as being right or wrong, but engage in the process solely for themselves. This also presents an opportunity to experience and learn about risk and their role as a global citizen.

Gary Thompson | Founder of Wild Earth Creative Education

Gary has 30 years of experience in education as a deputy head, teacher of design technology and art as well as being a mountain leader, outdoor education instructor and military training provider. It is his ambition to provide a unique outdoor learning experience that enhances personal development.